Accuratecpaservices | Individual Tax Preparation Services
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Individual Tax Preparation Services

Services for Individuals

Tracking your financial position and progress gives you a great feeling of control you will know where you are going financially.

We can assist with the preparation of your cash flow statement and balance sheet. The process of preparing your personal financial statements will bring you closer to controlling your personal finances and accumulating sufficient assets to meet all your objectives.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates.

Who prepares your income tax returns? Someone who took a brief training course? Or do you trust tax software to understand and correctly interpret every nuance of your finances? Maybe it is time you considered using a CPA, a dedicated professional who really knows the business of taxes and finances all year around, not just January to April.

We assist you with all of your individual tax needs, from simple 1040 forms to complex small business returns. Joint returns are also available for married couples that want to save time on tax preparation services. To ensure you receive your money quicker, we do e-filing and refund transfers (RTs) for personal tax preparation. Minimized tax liabilities and reduce your individual tax burden today!

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