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3 Ways a CPA Can Help At Year End

3 Ways a CPA Can Help At Year End

2014 is finally here and that means a number of things. First off, you likely have a number of resolutions that you hope to follow through with, and one of those may be to get a jump start on your taxes.

While this is definitely a lofty goal, it does not have to be as difficult as you may think. By hiring a CPA, you can take a lot of the pressure off of you and allow yourself to focus on bigger and better things. There are a few ways that hiring a CPA can help at year end, which we’ve outlined below:

Forces you to keep to deadlines

By hiring a CPA, you are forced to maintain tight timelines. The CPA will likely need all of your documentation such as W2’s, 1099’s and any interest income that was earned in 2013 by a certain date. If you do not supply this information to your CPA on time then he or she will not be able to complete their job efficiently. Having these firm deadlines can help push those who have a tough time gathering all of the necessary information at tax time.

No more worrying about changing tax laws

Each year hundreds if not thousands of tax laws change. This can be extremely difficult for an individual or business owner to keep track of. This is one of the main reasons why hiring a CPA can take some of that stress off of your shoulders. CPAs must monitor all tax laws for their clients.

Save Money

While it is not free to use a CPA to file your taxes, many times a CPA is able to find deductions that you would otherwise have missed. This can in some ways cover the entire cost of your CPA. This can easily make the investment of a CPA worth it.

If you are looking for an experienced CPA firm in the Washington DC area, contact Accurate CPA Services today. We can be reached online by phone at 301-684-5166 or you can fill out our contact form on our web site. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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